IT Networking for "A Bridge for Children" Foundation

The Main Gate
The "Tulay Ng Kabataan" ("A Bridge for Children") Foundation has been helping the  most unfortunate children of Manila since 1998. They take care of street children, scavenger children and children in slums. Over 1000 children benefit from their work at any time.

In February 2012 they will move their central office to a larger office. We will help the networking and IT facilitation with help from the Lucky Buggers, and the ADB Spouses Association.

Teaching in the schoolroom
The Foundation's head office supports 10 PCs, and manages the 25 centres and 120 paid personnel of the Foundation.

The current networking infrastructure is an organically grown spaghetti, with all the attendant problems of reliability.

The comms cabinet needs a bit of work
We aim to help to sort out the network in the new office to increase reliability - fortunately, the support group we have has some networking professionals.
Further work will include some IT support to help with backup, VOIP, shared networking, antivirus solutions and so on.
Soon, a much improved working environment

The network (if you can call it that), is somewhat antiquated, and in need of a good overhaul, but as always, costs must be kept to a minimum.


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