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Google Fusion Tables and Maps - An Experiment

This page is an experiment in Google Fusion Tables and Maps The map below is a static image generated by a very simple table in Google Fusion Tables. There should be another map below here too (Chrome suggests it is insecure content and prompts you to agree to load it. You shouldn't take it from me, but it's fine and generated by Google anyway): This map is an embedded Fusion Tables Map. The map shows GDP per capita for the countries of ADB's Central and West Region. (For the record, the information in the table comes from ADB's website and Wikipedia and is all publicly available; the choice of data is not particularly important) This map is Flash content, somewhat oddly, and frustratingly, as all the other Fusion Table maps are Google Maps mashups, and it means Google has excluded iOS devices from viewing this sort of map. The view region for the entire map has many options, above 'World' has been chosen, as unfortunately the nearest other option

Biosensor Programme

Loading the prototype cartridge This work was presented at the AACC Oak Ridge Conference, 2010 . The Scottish Government through ITI Techmedia funded a $15m programme (4 year programme) to develop a Biosensor prototype for the rapid (<10minutes) diagnosis of infectious diseases such as Hepatitis C from a blood sample, in the 1 viral particle per millilitre sensitivity range. Jonathan Salmon (now of Salmon Consultants Ltd) was responsible for timely deliverables, financial planning and communication and headed a team peaking at 14 biological scientists and mechanical, electrical and software engineers, with additional external optical consultants. Jonathan managed $6m of a $15m overall project, communicating with project partners, company management and funder project management over a period of four years. A microfluidic chip The system revolved around a multi-layer microfluidic chip enabling a number of technologies including nanolitre resolution fluid co

Google Earth Tours

Google Earth tours (flythroughs) can be rapidly generated and can be used to quickly and grippingly communicate the scope of a project to stakeholders. Potential Windfarm (for this demo, publicly available maps and models were used).

Excel and VBA - Model Automation

We have undertaken voluntary work automating interrogation of models of fuel consumption in certain Asian cities depending on various possible interventions. Technologies used were Excel and VBA.