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Philippine Society for Microbiology, Annual Convention

41st Philippine Society for Microbiology Annual Convention in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines I was delighted to attend (and be a plenary speaker) at the 41st PSM Convention this year. I was warmly welcomed by all members of the Board of the PSM. I'd like to thank in particular, Jessica Simbahan, the outgoing president, Bee Basit, the incoming president, Percival Garcia and others for recognising me at NAIA (Manila airport) and subsequently looking after me. There were an illustrious group of foreign speakers including those from Japan (via Singapore), Sicily (via Japan and Denmark), the States (via Germany) and other European delegates from Hungary. We were entertained, visiting restaurants, the local university and its museum of Mindanao arts and crafts. I also met members from David Klinzing from St Luke's Medical Center, Quezon City, members from Mapua Institute for Technology. I shall be giving a talk at their Bioengineering conference on July 20th/2

Fobissea Primary ICT Conference 2012

I had the pleasure of attending the Fobissea Primary ICT Conference  at the weekend. Thanks to Rik Millington of the British School Manila for hosting. It was great to be in the company of over 20 keen and enthusiastic ICT teachers and coordinators focusing on primary teaching and working for British Schools in the region (SE Asia). It was interesting to see the total dominance of Apple within the room, and the dramatic upsurge in the iPad as the primary computing tool (at least for these teachers on the go). Almost all the schools were deploying iPads in the classroom, and all were finding management of hundreds of iPads daunting. Though some tools for iPad management exist (including Mobile Device Management from Air-Watch ) there was a feeling (and concern) that Apple would soon enter this marketplace as they seek to make the iPad more enterprise friendly, and so purchasing a third party tool now might lead to an expensive and inappropriate lockin in just a few months. App purch

IT Networking for "A Bridge for Children" Foundation

The Main Gate The " Tulay Ng Kabataan " ("A Bridge for Children") Foundation has been helping the  most unfortunate children of Manila since 1998. They take care of street children, scavenger children and children in slums. Over 1000 children benefit from their work at any time. In February 2012 they will move their central office to a larger office. We will help the networking and IT facilitation with help from the Lucky Buggers , and the ADB Spouses Association . Teaching in the schoolroom The Foundation's head office supports 10 PCs, and manages the 25 centres and 120 paid personnel of the Foundation. The current networking infrastructure is an organically grown spaghetti, with all the attendant problems of reliability. The comms cabinet needs a bit of work We aim to help to sort out the network in the new office to increase reliability - fortunately, the support group we have has some networking professionals. Further work will include s